Over 30 years of working with a vast amount of clients and contractors. Our only goal is to satisfy our clients with our garage designs and building. We provide clients with honest information and guidance. The most important is that we are here to design a garage that would meet your desires and budget. If possible, we have experience garage designers that bring the project to the lowest cost but not affecting the integrity of the designs of your garage. Before the construction begins, Mico Construction will order materials, set up with subcontractors, keep good communication between the clients and workers to make sure everything should be clear and if there is any necessary change of plan such as materials, designs, style. We are here to design you a nice custom garage that will meet your needs.
The idea of having a garage as a storage is usually designed for a small house. It’s the lifeline place to store items that are huge and not often used. In general, this type of garage design is good for people who need to keep anything that does not fit or stay indoors. Mico Construction also has interior designers that can lay it all out so that your garage looks neat and not too messy as usual. We will design the garage so that it has cabinets and shelves to organize your tools and equipment beautifully. We make sure the garage design plan is flexible that we can add more space to it if possible and maybe you can make your garage into a playroom.

How to keep your garage organized

The best ways to keep your garage organized and clean is to add built-ins such as cabinets, compartment, and separations. We have an interior design that can give you suggestions and ideas and so that you can have a garage that is totally in order. You can easily find and put away your items when using the garage. One of the simple garage design includes adding a workbench, cabinets, wall hooks or even shovels along the walls. You will save a lot of spaces once you have all those installs. You could do it to the ceiling too. This ideas of garage design are common sense but many people don’t pay attention or don’t have time to it. We are here for that we can design your garage in and out and most important is to keep it to the lowest costs.

What is the different between a shed and garage

Some people have too much stuff that the garage doesn’t have enough space for them, that is when a shed coming for a rescue. We can help to build your shed so that it can help you to take on some of the storage load. The best thing about adding a shed beside having a garage is that it stays in the backyard, that is a good idea to store your gardening equipment. In the summer, the shed can become detached living space that you can use it as a room to do some works. They are affordable and easy to install.

Multiple purposes and usefulness of garage

However you want to design your garage, we have plans for it. We have a long list of garage design ideas that you can choose. We are also able to customize your garage in any way you wish and still keep the design integrity of your garage. We will build you a garage that can serve multiple purposes. You can turn it into an extra room if space is an issue. A good garage design idea is one that the garage can be attached or detached or can be used it as some type of entertainment room if needed or even extra bedroom if permitted by the law. We will design the garage and make sure that it has enough light coming through, ventilation and insulation for the winter.