Since remodeling your home could take a lot of efforts. Planning and designing your desired patio, deck and porches could be easier than expected. Mico Construction Inc. can be the key for you if you are planning about remodeling your home. You can take some time to think about and plan out what you really want and how to improve your home. Look through our home patio and porch photo gallery and contact us to let us for a free in-home consultation and let we do the job for you. Here is a list of all the home improvement fields of home patio photos and porch gallery that Mico Construction has done awhile back, please look through them and let us know your ideas and comments.

pool dinning patio

“It looks like this pool is too closed to the patio”
“A grill would nice next to the pool and the patio area. We can have a dining table in the patio”
“What is the materials of this pool patio This pool deck/patio is made with a very minimal cost”


“What would be the cost to this patio?
Mico construction can build an outdoor patio, curved patio. They can create many different type of patios. They can also build a small backyard stone patio.”

wood patio

“Wondering if we could build something like this outside living room. I just like to see some original patio like this”
“A nice patio can be defined by its deck and wood roof that help to bring the patio to the standout. Patio like this would raise up the value of my house”
“I am looking for some idea to build my own custom patio”
“This is a great patio! Just curious what type of material was used how much is the cost for this amazing patio?
“Is this gorgeous patio made out all natural wood or aluminum?


“The grass looks really nice around the patio. All type of patios ideas…Patio edge, Patio with steps, Ground level patio, Mico can have it all include ing Shape of patios & plantings”

wood patio

“I like to build a patio that ook just like this except it will be painted but all naturals wood.”
“I already have a metal patio that looks just like this patio. Now I want to build another covered patio or any modern wood patio cover or Covered Back Patio.”
“How much would a completely covered patio cost?”
“I don’t really like the modern look of a metal patio, I think wood patio is more original and it looks better”

Patio & Porches

“An affordable patio for your bussiness. This outdoor patio can be yours with the least minimal costs.
“Every bussiness should build a simple patio like this.”
“Mico can build the best patio possible with a very competive price. Outdoor Patio can make your bussiness looks elegant and raise your bussiness to a higher standard.”

outdoor patio

“I just love to look at this patio from my backyard.”
“All the ideas to the best patio possible can be found at mico construction….Wood Patio design…Flagstone patio design, outdoor Patio like this patio can be yours.”