Mico Construction has many ideas in constructing windows. We can build custom house windows that match your home styles. We have many existing window design ideas that will meet your desires and expectations. We offer free consultant, we always try to low our price and having such design that will make you satisfied with our home window construction services.

Our professional designer will directly consult with you and give you a list of best home window ideas that will meet your needs and budget. Now a day, we have the technology to customize and construct your windows so it can be energy efficient. We do the replacement for your windows by using wood, fiberglass composite or vinyl. If you thinking about adding your exterior windows, we suggest you add dormer window types. Our dormer windows design has been satisfied by many customers. This type of design can be used to create a balance between your home elements.

A well-designed window would make a great impression and reveals the beauty and uniqueness of your house. Windows play an important role as entryways to your home. It gives views and light through your lovely window and shining from sidelights to transoms. A good design of your window can bring many advantages. A bay window can provide stunning views and natural light to your home.

One of the favorite window design is the idea of using stained glass for a window. It is a great design for such window that can attract light easily without exposing too much privacy of the interior portion of the house. There are also many other ways to design windows. Mico construction can turn your classical old windows into any modern window design. The window is varied in a lot of different shapes and size, that we can add squares or some type of circles to the window to make it look more decorative.

There are other window designs such as skylights or any kind of high windows. They are great ways to design your window to add natural light to any room without affecting the home privacy. The best thing about skylights window is that it can be used to show off the interiors in a good way, and definitely it can provide a real ventilation to the house. If you want to take a look at our collection of window designs, you have found them. Contact us for a free consultant and we will bring you all the window styles that Mico construction has been successfully constructed and used in the last 30 years.

One of the popular types of the windows that our customer used is the window wall. It has a larger viewing area so that light can easily fill up your home. This type of windows can be best used to connect the indoors and out of a sunroom.

Another type of window is the contemporary window. This type of window designs is usually used for modern architecture on windows. It is designed in a way that provides an energy efficient and best insulation.

One of the best choice for a window is probably the treatment window style. This particular window design idea offers a good light control but still keeping your home from exposing too much privacy.

Start thinking about how do you want your window to be, you are welcome to contact us at any time for a free consultant and we will provide you a list of sample window styles and ideas so you can personally see and select the right window for your home. We have fabrics and materials ready to help you in deciding your desire home window.

Mico construction can guarantee that our services will bring you the best home windows and fit your budget.